Image Gallery in Drupal

I created an image gallery on my website today – take a look at it here

I used ImageCache, CCK and Views, and Lightbox2.


I was going to just use the ‘Image Gallery’ which appears in the navigation menu, I think that it came with the ‘Image’ module. The reason I didn’t use this is because right at the start I made an image gallery in there without really knowing what I was doing and I couldn’t change the sizes of the images so I wasn’t happy with it. I then began to check on Google for what other people have done to get some ideas and see how I could achieve what I wanted.

I realised that most of the things I read about did not use the ‘Image Galleries’ option. Most people have made their own Gallery using ImageCache to create a thumbnail and main image and then using Views to create the gallery and Lightbox2 to view them as full size images.  Its really cool this way.

I followed the instructions at this blog post here which was real easy.

Well……. I say that now – at the time it was not the easiest thing I have ever done!!  I had to read it and read it again and then try it and realise that I was doing the wrong thing and then read it again.  Phew – its took a few hours!  But it is done now and I am pleased with the results.

Some other tips I would add would be to remove the Image Gallery link from the Navigation menu (if it is there) so that it does not get confusing.

Check User Permissions!

Also I would suggest that you ensure you have checked the user permissions for viewing images. Go to admin/user/permissions and check all Image and ImageCache (and any other image related modules) settings and ensure anonymous and authenticated users can view images, thumbnails and galleries. I did not do this at first and I excitedly told everyone about my image gallery. I felt like a bit of a fool when they told me they couldn’t see it!


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3 Responses to “Image Gallery in Drupal”

  1. Peter Says:

    thank you…!

  2. Using Drupal Image Module with Lightbox2 « Drupalwarrior's Blog Says:

    […] Drupal Image Module with Lightbox2 By drupalwarrior Well if you have read my other post on making an image gallery (example here) you will know that I used the module called […]

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